Welcome Back!

We are back baby, and this time we really want to make it work. I know we’ve said that before, but this time we really mean it. We’ve grown up a lot since the last time, and now we feel like we’ve really got our shit together. I know last time we really let you down. Sure, at first we tried to be a part of your life, but eventually we would just show up on special occasions, maybe a podcast around the Oscars or something and then we left completely for awhile, but this time we really want to be there for you. I know that a lot of people go through these kinds of problems, but maybe I have a solution. How would you feel if we brought it a couple of new people, to maybe spice things up a little? That way if one of us has a headache, or just isn't in the mood, someone else can tag in, and we can all walk away happy. 


So welcome to Coming Off the Reels…let’s say 12.0. This ever changing podcast will hopefully show up a bit more regularly than it did in the past. Sometimes we will talk about new movies, other times we may be revisiting a random year from the past or a specific theme. We will just kind of make this up as we go. And if no one ever listens to a single podcast, then we will just be a group of people who sit around, have a few drinks, and talk about the movies that make them happy, and that is not a wasted endeavor. 


Wish us luck.


Love Always,


Coming Off the Reels