Comic Book Movie Fatigue?

This is the first of a new bonus short episode series where we discuss random topics of interest to us.  First up, Is there such a thing as Comic Book Movie Fatigue and has it already started to take hold.  We all have our opinions on the subject so take a listen and be sure to tell us what you think!  Are you still as excited for them as you used to be?  Are you just over it completely?  

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Tomb Raider

The video game movie seems to be one of the most difficult genres to do well. This hasn't stopped studios from pumping out countless adaptations of games in the hopes that they will have their next big franchise. Tomb Raider looked like it was going to be a rare exception, a movie that can transcend its source material, and actually be entertaining for all. Did Tomb Raider manage to live up to this expectation? Guess you'll just have to listen to find out. 




Ready Player One

This week we discuss the long awaited, Ready Player One!  We talk about differences from the book, attempt to discover some references and generally geek out over the best scene in the movie!  Which scene you ask?  Listen to find out!  

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Rewind: 1992 [part 02]

This week we finish our discussion on 1992!  We talk about some good movies and how Brenden Fraser might be the best Fish Out of Water in the biz!  Have you been catching up on movies from '92?  Tell us your favorites on Facebook/ComingOffTheReels or emails us at!

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Rewind: 1992 [part 01]

This week we rank our favorites from the year 1992.  This was a longer episode so we split it up into 2 parts.  In Part 01, we talk a little too much about Steven Seagal and the possibility of Juice being a parallel to Lord of the Flies.  Stay tuned next week when we finish up our discussion with Part 02!  

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The Cloverfield Paradox & When We First Met

Netflix is cranking out original content and this week we discuss two recently released movies.  "The Cloverfield Paradox" is the next installation of the Cloverfield 'verse which takes us to space and alternate realities.  "When We First Met" takes us back in time and also alternate realities!  We don't all agree on this episode but it's a fun conversation!

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Ready Player One (book)

Several of us at COTR have been obsessed with the book Ready Player One for several years. Ernest Cline's love letter to 80's pop culture is right in the wheelhouse of all the things we love. Being that we are very close to Middletown, Ohio, we also take a little extra pride in the role this area plays in the story. This episode is all about our love for the book, and our hopes for what the movie can be. 





Oscar Bowl Sunday 2018

Every year, Roy and his wife, Kira, choose to forgo the national obsession with football, and instead of watching the Super Bowl, they catch up on several Oscar nominated films. This year we asked Roy to recap his day, and let us know who were the winners and losers of Oscar Bowl Sunday. 



Valentine's Day Special

In honor of this completely real, and in no way manufactured "holiday", we decided to create our lists of some our favorite romantic films. Like us, some of these are cheesy, some are quite odd, and some may leave you scratching your head, but all will entertain. We hope that you enjoy as we take a break from talking Geostorms and Justice Leagues, and talk about love instead. 




Lethal Weapon 4 & The Commuter

What happens when you bring four bottles of bourbon for three people during a one night trip? You end up watching The Commuter AND Lethal Weapon 4. Thankfully we were not under the influence of of any alcohol while recording this episode, so we were able to recall all the subtle nuances contained in each of these films. In reality, these two movies have a perfect matinee feel to them, and paired very well a heady red wine and Cheez Wiz.




Worst of 2017

To be honest, this may have been one of the most enjoyable times I've ever had recording a podcast. Even though these were the movies that we liked the least in 2017, we all managed to stay pretty civil. But there maybe a few surprises in store, as one movie seems to break the brain of our eternal optimist, Roy.  

Please let us know which movies really let you down last year!




Best of 2017

This has been a tricky show to nail down in the past. A number of technical problems have prevented our year end shows from being posted the last couple of years, but not this time. After much research, and a year where we all went to the theater way too many times, we are prepared to give you our top 10 films of 2017. Now here's the thing, each of us brings a different set of values in regards to what we consider the "best". If you have comments about any of our choices, we will happily listen to them, but sometimes a movie being really fun is more important than a movie that is particularly well made. There is room for all kinds of opinions, and these just happen to be ours. 



Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

There were a lot of people rolling their eyes when a new Jumanji movie was announced. Some people thought it looked stupid, others thought that rebooting the Robin Williams "classic" was sacrilege. So I am sure people were surprised when Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the year. For me, the most gratifying part is knowing that it outgrossed Justice League, and at a 1/3 of the cost to make. Sometimes, it's the little things.




Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Now that we've got the first 100 episodes in the book, it is time to look towards the next 100. What better way to start this new chapter than by tackling the latest film in the biggest franchise of all time, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you've been on the internet anytime in the last month, you know that people have opinions about this movie. While we are certainly immature, and often vulgar, the one promise I can make regarding our complaints about this movie, they have nothing to do with the race of gender of the characters. 

Please feel free to let us know why all of our opinions are wrong.




100th Episode!

If you can believe it, this is the 100th show that we have posted. It took us awhile to get here, but we really focused in 2017 and managed to create a steady stream of our nonsense. Instead of talking about any one movie for this special occasion, I pulled out everyone's "All Time Top 10" lists which were made several years ago. We discuss and make fun of how fluid a top 10 list can be, and speculate on some possible future shows. Thanks to anyone who may have listened to any of the previous 99 shows that we've done. Luckily, they are always making movies, so we will continue to share our opinions on them. 



 At the beginning

At the beginning


Rewind: 2002

2002 was kind of a big deal here at COtR. It was the year that a couple of us met while working at Hollywood Video, thus starting the never-ending conversation about movies. As far as movies go, 2002 seems to have had a lot of terrible movies, but a handful of really great ones. Maybe that applies to almost every year, but it really seemed to stand out as we did our research for this episode.