Dwayne Johnson used to fight people, but this year we've seen mere people are no longer worthy of his time. A few months ago we watched has he went toe-to-toe-to-claw-to-paw with a bevy of mutated creatures in Rampage, but apparently that was still too little of a challenge. Now Dwayne Johnson is facing off with a 220-story building, that's on fire and full of terrorists. Get your popcorn ready as we discuss the summer action flick, Skyscraper.


Stephen King

This week we finish our Kinner triple header with a deep dive into films from the mind of Stephen King.  Love them or hate them, these movies are worth discussing!  We cover everything from Carrie (the good), to The Dark Tower (the bad) and Sleepwalkers (the hilarious!!).  It's a fun conversation and we hope you enjoy!  


Rewind: 1999

1999...what a great year for movies. We could do another episode right now and still forget to mention so many of the great films from that year. Luckily, in this episode, we did remember to talk about Chill Factor, since that is the only movie that really matters. Please let us know what your favorites from this year were.



Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story has had a difficult time since its release, but is the poor box office showing just bad luck? Did the release being so close to Infinity War and Deadpool 2 hurt the chances for Solo to ever be a true blockbuster? Did all the behind the scenes drama keep people away from a franchise they normally flock to? Or, was the movie just not very good?

We have a lot of opinions on Solo this week, so sit back, hit play, and let's unpack this one together. 




Father's Day

Please enjoy as I try to find some sort of catharsis while talking about different movies and moments that remind me of my dad. I thought that it was going to be a lot more difficult to record this episode, but once we started, it really made me happy just talking about all of these stupid moments.  Who brings ham to a movie theater anyway?





Costner and Dad catch photo.JPG

Kill Command & Cargo

This feels like a classic episode right here. Just Ryan and Drew, talking about low budget science fiction and horror. It kind of takes me back to the days when we would screw up the recording on about every other show, and the ones that did work, usually didn't sound that good. Now we're big time,  and have tens of listeners out there who seem to appreciate what we do. At least a couple of them appreciate us. Maybe only one. Thanks, mom!




A Quiet Place

I know that this isn't exactly timely, but sometime a movie comes along where we are all wanting to make sure that we can be a part of the episode. I don't know why this movie lent itself to being such an entertaining episode, but it had me cracking up. Maybe it was Ryan's focused anger on a dry erase board, or Drew's confusion over the printing presses. Whatever the case may be, a good time was has by all. 





Since it is now available to stream, we thought this would be a great time to post our Annihilation show. It is kind of a tricky one, since it would take much longer than 30 minutes to unpack everything that is going on in this film. Alex Garland's previous film, Ex Machina, was one of our favorite over here at COtR. Could his follow up film live up to those expectations? Guess you'll just have to listen.





It was hard not to laugh excessively when it was first announced that there was going to be a movie made of the arcade classic, Rampage. However, once we found out that Dwayne Johnson would be starring in this movie, well...we were still laughing, but now there was a little bit of excitement starting to build. Could Rampage be the rare video game movie to not be a pile of wet garbage? Can Dwayne Johnson really carry just about any movie (sorry Baywatch)? Would a wolf or a crocodile look better with porcupine powers? These answers and more on COtR. 




There is a debate as to which animal received certain powers, and while in the podcast it may sound like Drew won that debate, it was later discovered that Roy was the real winner. Yay Roy!


Theater Etiquette

What happened to the basic social contract that we all made to not be awful when we are out in public? The times when you could sit through a movie in peace are long gone, so are we now just expected to tolerate all the annoyances that people bring with them to the theater? This is not the first time we've talk about this topic (here), and it probably won't be the last. Hopefully someone hears this, and decides that taking their shoes off while setting up their Tinder account during the movie, is a bad idea. 





Avengers: Infinity War

I am sure there is no shortage of podcast episodes where nerds in basements are talking about this particular movie. Will our episode bring anything different to the table? Maybe not, but after 10 years and 18 movies in the MCU before it, we pretty much had to talk about this epic crossover event. By this point, I am pretty sure that almost everyone in the known universe has made it out to see this movie, but if you haven't, go see it before listening to this very spoiler heavy episode. 



Rewind: 2003

What can be said about 2003? Was it a great year for movies? Maybe not. Was it an okay year for movies? Definitely. Does the movie Underworld fall into the category of "okay"? That depends on who you ask, but as the person writing this post, I think that The Room is infinitely more enjoyable, and slightly better written.  So if you're a person obsessed with 2003, go ahead and stop listening to Evanescence, and give this episode a listen. 


Wes Anderson

In honor of Isle of Dogs we decided to do a director spotlight on one of our favorite directors!  Wes Anderson has long been a staple in our cinematic lives and today we break down his filmography and rank our favorites!  These lists were hard to put together.  We talk about the best moments,  Wes Anderson fatigue, and name his most charming movie.  

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Comic Book Movie Fatigue?

This is the first of a new bonus short episode series where we discuss random topics of interest to us.  First up, Is there such a thing as Comic Book Movie Fatigue and has it already started to take hold.  We all have our opinions on the subject so take a listen and be sure to tell us what you think!  Are you still as excited for them as you used to be?  Are you just over it completely?  

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Thanks for listening and enjoy!


Tomb Raider

The video game movie seems to be one of the most difficult genres to do well. This hasn't stopped studios from pumping out countless adaptations of games in the hopes that they will have their next big franchise. Tomb Raider looked like it was going to be a rare exception, a movie that can transcend its source material, and actually be entertaining for all. Did Tomb Raider manage to live up to this expectation? Guess you'll just have to listen to find out. 




Ready Player One

This week we discuss the long awaited, Ready Player One!  We talk about differences from the book, attempt to discover some references and generally geek out over the best scene in the movie!  Which scene you ask?  Listen to find out!  

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Thanks for listening and enjoy!


Rewind: 1992 [part 02]

This week we finish our discussion on 1992!  We talk about some good movies and how Brenden Fraser might be the best Fish Out of Water in the biz!  Have you been catching up on movies from '92?  Tell us your favorites on Facebook/ComingOffTheReels or emails us at!

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Rewind: 1992 [part 01]

This week we rank our favorites from the year 1992.  This was a longer episode so we split it up into 2 parts.  In Part 01, we talk a little too much about Steven Seagal and the possibility of Juice being a parallel to Lord of the Flies.  Stay tuned next week when we finish up our discussion with Part 02!  

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