The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Avengers: Infinity War is right around the corner. Before the culmination of 10 years of world building comes to fruition, we thought that we would rank the existing MCU. This list is based on  our average ranking of each film. It has nothing to do with what critic's thoughts, or how much money they made, but simply about our own enjoyment of the movies. Except for Thor: Dark World, no one enjoyed that. 





In this episode, we each talk about something that we have watched lately that may not have gotten a full episode. We cover several genres as we discuss Murder On the Orient Express, A Bad Moms ChristmasThe Florida Project and Wind River. For those keeping track at home, this makes the fourth episode where one of us has talked about Wind River. This is what happens when you can't all see the movies together. 

As the holidays comes racing towards us, it is time to start thinking about which movies we should watch to get us in the spirit. What are some of your favorites holiday classics? Hopefully not A Christmas Story.



Justice League

There has definitely been a love/hate relationship with the DCEU here at COtR, and the latest addition to that cinematic world is no exception. What I will say, this episode was a lot less heated than our conversations about Man of Steel or Batman vs. Superman, so maybe we are all growing up a little, and learning how to suppress our adults do. 





That's right, we saw Geostorm. I knew this would be one that split the group, and I was right. So give it a listen, and you can decide if this is the kind of bad movie that you might enjoy. And it is the day before Thanksgiving, so this year you can be thankful that you didn't pay money to see this in the theaters, I've looked at the box office, I know you didn't go. 




Thor: Ragnarok

Six years ago, Ryan and I did an episode of Coming Off the Reels where we discussed Thor and Hobo with a Shotgun. At the end of the show, I think we both agreed that Thor was the lesser of those films. Six years, and many Marvel films later, we are discussing the latest MCU offering, Thor: Ragnarok. Without giving away too much, I will tell you that we enjoyed it more than the first Thor film, but perhaps still shy of Hobo with a Shotgun




Jigsaw and Better Watch Out

October is finished, but we just can't seem to stop talking about horror films. To kick off the season where we give thanks, we delve into the 8th film in the Saw franchise, Jigsaw. When you're sitting around the Thanksgiving table, maybe you will be grateful that we here at COtR talked you out of wasting your time on with this rehash of a rehash. We also watched Better Watch Out, and we give you plenty of warning before we talk about all the twists and turns of this particular horror/thriller. 




Underrated Horror Films

It has been a long month here at COtR. We decided we would give you one last horror show, since it is Halloween and all. The assignment was simple, each of us brought to the table one horror film that we felt had been overlooked. The tone of these horror films were all over the map, which means there should be something for everyone...unless the only movie you like is Gone Fishin', in that case there is no place for you on this podcast, and maybe not anywhere. 


I can't wait until February when we spend a whole month talking about romantic comedies. 




Reel Scares - Drew Martin

The last in our monthlong series of horror lists. Rounding out the month is are 5 favorite horror films for Drew Martin. Sorry, but I am going to stop referring to myself in the third-person. I will admit that I am not as big a horror fan as some of the other people who have contributed this month. My list tends to skew a little more to the lighter side of horror, or to the films that first scared me. 

If you managed make it through all of the Reel Scares episodes, and you didn't hear your favorites, please let us know, and maybe we can make sure to get to them next year. 



My brothers and I. I approve of all of these costumes. 

My brothers and I. I approve of all of these costumes. 

Reel Scares - Kaitlin Conner & Chessie Loewen

It is the last weekend before Halloween, which means it is time to politely decline all those invitations to costume parties, put on sweatpants, and watch nothing but horror movies all weekend. We here at COtR have tried to give you plenty of suggestions this month, and in an effort to keep that going, we invited two guests on the show to give us their top pics for this particular genre. You may notice that this episode feels a little different than some of the others...a  lot less rambling, a lot fewer impressions of Roy, no impressions of Gerard Butler...that's called acting like professionals, folks. Don't worry though, there will be plenty of junior high level jokes in future episodes. 



Happy Death Day

This show is always full of surprises. There were definitely some mixed feelings when we were talking about the Happy Death Day trailer a few episodes ago. Minds have been changed, both for and against the movie. Plus, you can hear what happens when Ryan is finally made to watch Hocus Pocus. What a magical time of year. 



Reel Scares - Ryan Venson

Anyone who has listened to the show, or anyone who has ever met Ryan, knows that horror movies are his bread and butter, his toast and jam, his Hall & Oates. Well now you can listen to an episode where Ryan talks about some of his favorite horror movies. Have some favorites of your own? Please let us know!



A perfect Chucky!

A perfect Chucky!

Blade Runner 2049 & American Made

I never thought there would be a sequel to the cult film Blade Runner, especially not 35 years after the original one was released. There are lots of opinions out there about the Ridley Scott classic, and almost as many cuts of the film. We spend sometime today briefly talking about the original before shifting to the sequel from Denis Villeneuve, Blade Runner 2049. We also discuss the latest film from Domhnall Gleeson, American Made, costarring Tom Cruise, but we know what the people want, and the people want that cool drink of water, Domhnall. Don't fight with me on this point, I have my finger on the pulse of society. 




Reel Scares - Sean McClain

Happy Friday the 13th! I hope that everyone is out there watching horror movies all night long. Please enjoy our latest special show. This time we listen to Sean McClain try and justify his weird choice for a #1 horror film. Is it possible that he has been possessed by some weird demon who wants to convince the world to watch really bad horror movies? I think we all know the answer. 



Have you ever seen anything so cute?!

Have you ever seen anything so cute?!

Mother! and Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I will apologize right now if parts of the Mother! conversation seem to make no sense. The movie was actually quite difficult to explain, and it may kind of feel like we are just rambling on and on. In a way that is kind of a motif of the film, so how about we all just pretend that we did it on purpose. We also discuss the good and bad of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Seriously, why wan't Pedro Pascal on any of the posters for this film? It's a crime. 




Reel Scares: Roy King

So we decided we would do a little something extra for the month of October. In addition to the weekly show, we will also have several horror-centric episodes. These will probably (we're making this up as we go) consist of a list of horror films that we feel like people should watch. Not necessarily our all time favorites, but just whatever strikes us at the time. 

First up, Roy King. His list leans a little more to the nostalgic, light hearted side of horror films, but if you've listened to any of our episodes, this shouldn't surprise you. Please feel free to reach out and let us know what some of your favorite horror movies to watch this time of year. 

Isn't Roy adorable?

Isn't Roy adorable?


Annabelle: Creation & Ouija: Origin of Evil

This week, we examine a couple of sequels that are actually just prequels to other horror films.. How do these films stack up to their predecessors? Does the fact that Annabelle: Creation is actually a prequel to a film that was already a prequel/spinoff to a different horror franchise, make your head hurt? Can you look forward to a month chock full our thoughts on a myriad of horror films and franchises? Is it possible that the answer to all those questions is "yes"? Guess you'll just have to listen to the show.




Brother Stuff

This was one of the most enjoyable episodes to go back and research. There will always be a special place in my heart for movies that I watched with my brothers, or movies that examine the bond between brothers. This episode, like several ones we've done before, relies heavily on letting nostalgia wash over you as you listen. Some of the movies we talk about are great, some of them are not, but there is a perfection in each of them in how they tether us to certain moments in time. 




Planet of the Apes (1968) and Mean Machine

In this hodgepodge of an episode, Sean and Roy each chose a random film that the rest of us had not seen. You read that correctly, many of us were watching the original Planet of the Apes for the first time. Oddly, both of these film have been remade or are remakes several times over. Not so oddly, only one of them really stands the test of time. I think you  can probably guess which one. 




It (2017)

The most frustrating thing about the movie It is trying to talk about it without confusing other people. 

"Hey, you want to go see It this weekend?"

"See what?"



"The movie, It! Can't you see the italics?"

"You're an idiot"

"Who's on first?"


That is pretty much how it always felt. So yeah, listen to the show, write us a review on iTunes, and soon we will have movies with proper names again. 




Rewind: 1978

How do you judge films from 1978? Is it based on how well the film stands the test of time? Maybe by how the film resonated with the viewer the first time they saw it? We tried to land somewhere in the middle, with varying degrees of success. And just to prove that some things never change, we found ourselves arguing over the merits of Man of Steel...again.  I am not sure that particular debate will ever run its course. Do you have a year or theme that you'd like us to visit? Send us a message on Facebook or email us at



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