Ready Player One

Ready Player One (book)

Several of us at COTR have been obsessed with the book Ready Player One for several years. Ernest Cline's love letter to 80's pop culture is right in the wheelhouse of all the things we love. Being that we are very close to Middletown, Ohio, we also take a little extra pride in the role this area plays in the story. This episode is all about our love for the book, and our hopes for what the movie can be. 






We thought we would try something a little different this week and record out in the world. For we basement dwellers, this is kind of a big deal. Luckily, The Casual Pint allowed us to record on their patio, so if the show sounds a little noisier than normal, that is why.  You know those annoying guys at the bar who are speaking too loudly about nerdy things? That was us, and we had microphones. We drank good beers and discussed good movies (and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword). Don't worry, we did spend some time geeking out over the new Ready Player One trailer.