Worst of 2018

It is negative degrees outside this morning, but nothing gets us fired up and the blood pumping like talking about movies that we hate. There is plenty of yelling in this episode, and some of it even comes from Roy, so you know those have to be bad movies. What were least favorite films of 2018?



Christmas Classics

I know that it is the day after Christmas, but we just have too much of the holiday spirit in us to give up the ghost just yet. For the last of our Christmas themed episodes, we all tried to watch a “classic” holiday film that we probably should have seen before 2018. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of bah humbuggery or grinchiness there was, since some of these movies are pretty silly. I guess we can chalk it up to all those Christmas miracles that always seem to be happening.



The Christmas Chronicles

Sometimes Ryan throws a curveball and instead of suggesting a horror film or dark comedy, he pitches the idea to do a show on the Netflix original The Christmas Chronicles. Any film starring Kurt Russel is welcome on COTR, so here is our episode on what has already become an instant classic…somehow.



Hallmark Christmas Movies!

For this episode we each chose a random Hallmark Christmas movie to watch and discuss. I know what you’re thinking… “If you’ve seen one Hallmark movie, haven’t you really seen them all?” Obviously the answer is “yes”, but that doesn’t mean that this won’t become and annual tradition here at Coming Off the Reels. So sit back as we discuss our viewings of North Pole, Christmas in the Smokies, Road to Christmas, and A Shoe Addict’s Christmas.


A Simple Favor

Sometimes we record so many shows at once that some of them get lost in the mix. This is kind of the case for A Simple Favor. We recored this episode not too terribly long after it was released in theaters but are just getting around to posting it. Fortunately, this movie will be released for streaming and to purchase in the next week or two, so it’s almost like we planned it this way.



Playing Catchup

This week we talk about several movies that we are just getting around to, though our main focus is on Bad Times at the El Royale and Mission Impossible: Fallout. We also circle back on a couple of movies that we’ve talked about on this show already.



PG Horror

Recently we ran a poll on PG Horror movies and we got an overwhelming response! We decided to sit down and discuss some of our favorites and do you know what we learned? PG Horror movies made in the 80s and 90s are terrifying!!!! Look out kids! Join us for our super special Halloween episode!! Happy Halloween everyone!!


Director Spotlight - Michael Bay

In the last of the three shows we recorded at Two Cities Pizza Company, we did a director spotlight for Michael Bay. We briefly go over his body of work, and talk about the good, bad, and sometimes unwatchable films in his filmography. This isn’t an entire episode bashing everything this director has created. In fact the general feelings toward him seems to be all over the spectrum. So sit back, blow something up, and listen to this week’s episode.



Birthday Special!

To celebrate Drew's 40th birthday, the other fellas kidnapped, and recorded several shows at Two Cities Pizza Company in Mason, OH. Instead of a regular episode, this week you will get the birthday special. Rather than talk about one movie, we talk about Oscar facts, movie lists, and movie trivia. Some of that is related to the birthday celebration, and some of it is just weird information. We had a blast recording this, we hope you have fun listening. 





This was originally going to be just a small bonus episode about MoviePass and the things that we liked and didn't like about the system. Then the wheels started coming off of the much beloved ticketing program, so our conversation became a lot longer. Now we have a full episode all about the good, bad, and ugly sides of MoviePass. Please feel free to send us your stories, because I know there are a lot. 




Coming Soon...

We take a look at some of the movies you've been seeing trailers for over and over and over again. Is it naive to be cautiously optimist about all of these movies? Maybe, but I will never apologize for wanting every movie to be good. Maybe not Aquaman. 



Stephen King

This week we finish our Kinner triple header with a deep dive into films from the mind of Stephen King.  Love them or hate them, these movies are worth discussing!  We cover everything from Carrie (the good), to The Dark Tower (the bad) and Sleepwalkers (the hilarious!!).  It's a fun conversation and we hope you enjoy!  


Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story has had a difficult time since its release, but is the poor box office showing just bad luck? Did the release being so close to Infinity War and Deadpool 2 hurt the chances for Solo to ever be a true blockbuster? Did all the behind the scenes drama keep people away from a franchise they normally flock to? Or, was the movie just not very good?

We have a lot of opinions on Solo this week, so sit back, hit play, and let's unpack this one together. 





Since it is now available to stream, we thought this would be a great time to post our Annihilation show. It is kind of a tricky one, since it would take much longer than 30 minutes to unpack everything that is going on in this film. Alex Garland's previous film, Ex Machina, was one of our favorite over here at COtR. Could his follow up film live up to those expectations? Guess you'll just have to listen.




Theater Etiquette

What happened to the basic social contract that we all made to not be awful when we are out in public? The times when you could sit through a movie in peace are long gone, so are we now just expected to tolerate all the annoyances that people bring with them to the theater? This is not the first time we've talk about this topic (here), and it probably won't be the last. Hopefully someone hears this, and decides that taking their shoes off while setting up their Tinder account during the movie, is a bad idea. 





Rewind: 2003

What can be said about 2003? Was it a great year for movies? Maybe not. Was it an okay year for movies? Definitely. Does the movie Underworld fall into the category of "okay"? That depends on who you ask, but as the person writing this post, I think that The Room is infinitely more enjoyable, and slightly better written.  So if you're a person obsessed with 2003, go ahead and stop listening to Evanescence, and give this episode a listen. 


Oscar Bowl Sunday 2018

Every year, Roy and his wife, Kira, choose to forgo the national obsession with football, and instead of watching the Super Bowl, they catch up on several Oscar nominated films. This year we asked Roy to recap his day, and let us know who were the winners and losers of Oscar Bowl Sunday. 



Lethal Weapon 4 & The Commuter

What happens when you bring four bottles of bourbon for three people during a one night trip? You end up watching The Commuter AND Lethal Weapon 4. Thankfully we were not under the influence of of any alcohol while recording this episode, so we were able to recall all the subtle nuances contained in each of these films. In reality, these two movies have a perfect matinee feel to them, and paired very well together...like a heady red wine and Cheez Wiz.




100th Episode!

If you can believe it, this is the 100th show that we have posted. It took us awhile to get here, but we really focused in 2017 and managed to create a steady stream of our nonsense. Instead of talking about any one movie for this special occasion, I pulled out everyone's "All Time Top 10" lists which were made several years ago. We discuss and make fun of how fluid a top 10 list can be, and speculate on some possible future shows. Thanks to anyone who may have listened to any of the previous 99 shows that we've done. Luckily, they are always making movies, so we will continue to share our opinions on them. 



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