Spider-Man: Homecoming

People may complain about how many comic book movies are out there these days, but in a summer that has given us Transformers, Pirates and more of those $&!*$@ Minions, I think the reliability of the comic book movies is welcomed. How does the 3rd version, 6th film,  of Spider-Man compare to the rest? Can it possibly be better than Spider-Man 3? I'm just going to go ahead and tell you, it is better than Spider-Man 3. If Tom Holland were sitting in front of a camera just playing with Spider-Man toys, it would still be better than Spider-Man 3. We also discuss a few other things we've seen lately, and spend too much time talking about cats.



I'm just saying, why did they need to have that many villains? Why just tack on Venom at the very end of the movie? And what the hell was up with that weird EMO Peter Parker? AND THERE WAS SO MUCH CRYING!!!!