Movie Reviews

Peanut Butter Falcon

This week we discuss one of the sweetest films of 2019, Peanut Butter Falcon. We won’t keep you in suspense, we loved this movie. If it is still playing near you, grab your friends, walk past the latest franchise film, and support the wonderful redemption of Shia LaBeouf. Or if that doesn’t sound like fun to you, we also talk about Sean being a fan of wrestling. Something for everybody at Coming Off the Reels.



John Wick 3: Parabellum

Obviously this is the most poorly named John Wick movie, but how did the movie itself stack up against its predecessors? The critics loved it, it made more money than the other two, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t find a few minor things to latch on to, and talk endlessly about. I’m just saying…there are some really stupid parts in this outing. Like… way more stupid than last time.



Aladdin (2019)

There are a lot of opinions about Disney making live action remakes of their animated classics. So far, the results have been a mixed bag, and their newest release, Aladdin, seems to have divided audiences once again. Though more likely, this movie has divided audiences from critics. So sit back and listen to us discuss the good and bad of the latest Disney blockbuster, Aladdin.



Our Favorite MCU Moments

When we finished recording our Avengers: Endgame episode, we decided that we wanted to talk about some of our favor Marvel moments through the years. Some of them are scene that we all love, a few were kind of a surprise. These are all moments from before Endgame, so if you haven’t seen it yet, nothing will be spoiled for you. But seriously, if you haven’t seen the new Avengers, please stop what you’re doing and go now!



Oscar Bowl 2019

Every year, Roy and Kira King choose to forgo the trappings of Super Bowl Sunday, and celebrate their own tradition of catching up on Oscar nominated films. First Reformed, The Favourite, First Man, and Roma made up the this year’s lineup. This week, we discuss this year’s choices, whether viewing all these movies in one day changes how you watch, and whether the boring Super Bowl this year was even more uneventful than First Man.


Sorry to Bother You & Blackkklansman

This is an episode that we recorded a couple of months ago, which was already several months after the movies were released in the theater. Now Sorry to Bother You and Blackkklansman are available to stream, so you have no excuses to have not see both of them. I don’t want to say that you might hear about these movies in our “Best of 2018” episode, but you are probably going to hear about these movies in our “Best of 2018” episode.



Random Questions

This started out as a bonus episode, but went long enough that we decided to put it into the regular rotation. We asked for random suggestions on Twitter, and had a lot of fun discussing them. From tattoos, to the demise of Filmstruck, to annoying habits in movies, we were all over the map on this one. Special thanks to everyone who gave us these ideas!



Halloween (2018)

Should we have posted our episode on the new Halloween movie last Wednesday…on Halloween? Maybe, but I bet there were tons of people making that obvious choice. Instead, we are giving it to you in November, that way Halloween can live on in your hearts well into Thanksgiving.



PG Horror

Recently we ran a poll on PG Horror movies and we got an overwhelming response! We decided to sit down and discuss some of our favorites and do you know what we learned? PG Horror movies made in the 80s and 90s are terrifying!!!! Look out kids! Join us for our super special Halloween episode!! Happy Halloween everyone!!


Two Cities Special - Best of New York & Chicago

This was another show that we recorded at Two Cities Pizza Company. In honor of one of our favorite places to dine, we dedicated the theme of this episode to them by choosing our favorite movies set in these two amazing cities. I know that there are plenty of movies that we don’t mention (sorry Escape from New York), so please feel free to share your favorite movies set in the Big Apple or the Windy City.



Away We Go

Starring: John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph Directed by: Sam Mendes

How does a romantic comedy begin? The soothing sounds of Louis Armstrong or John Mayer will be blasting as the camera moves through the streets of New York City until we meet one of our leads who, in spite of their good looks, high paying job, and 3,000 square foot apartment, just can’t seem to find someone to date. You know how these movies don’t start?  With John Krasinski performing oral sex on Maya Rudolph while talking about “vaginal flavors” to deduce that she might be pregnant. These are the first frames of Away We Go.

When this film was released in theaters, I remember several critics disliking the film because of the lack of conflict between our two leads.  This is almost entirely true.  Burt (Krasinski) and Verona (Rudolph) are completely in love with each other, and not the kind of gooey Valentine’s Day commercial kind of love, but a very honest, vulnerable, and strangely funny kind of love. It is refreshing to be able to observe the relationship for what it is, and not have to constantly be waiting for some contrived reason to put a strain on their love that you know will almost instantly be resolved.

Rather, the conflict in Away We Go comes from other couples the Burt and Verona visit as they are trying to figure out where they should live when their baby arrives. Each couple seems to represent different archetypes of what can happen in a marriage. The couple who has become cynical to the idea of marriage and families. The couple who doesn’t believe in strollers, but does believe in breast-feeding until the child is 5, and practices the “family bed” method of sleeping. The couple who seem to have the perfect family of adopted children, but are hiding their despair over five miscarriages. To the man whose wife has just left him, leaving him to raise a beautiful little girl all on his own.  Oh there is plenty of conflict in this movie, but we are always anchored to Burt and Verona, to be reminded of what love can be.

I will warn you, Away We Go is rated “R”. While this film is immensely sweet, it also quite sad, and our characters react to the situations much like you and I would, thus there is a fair amount of foul language. I just don’t want you to be surprised when dialogue doesn’t feel anything like Sleepless in Seattle. In spite of the language and harsher elements used in the film, there is still enough childlike naivety in Burt and Verona to make the movie very enjoyable to watch.  By the end you are reminded that many of our own journeys lead us home.

Written By Drew Martin