It: Chapter 2

After our last episode, we thought maybe we should go with a more “traditional” horror film. That said, It: Chapter 2 still wants to go toe-to-toe with Midsommar in total runtime…so you know…that’s cool. While this sequel to the smash hit from 2017 may not be as good as its predecessor, there are still plenty of good things to talk about…but damn, it is really long. And how did they do such a great job of casting some people…and really drop the ball with other choices?



It (2017)

The most frustrating thing about the movie It is trying to talk about it without confusing other people. 

"Hey, you want to go see It this weekend?"

"See what?"



"The movie, It! Can't you see the italics?"

"You're an idiot"

"Who's on first?"


That is pretty much how it always felt. So yeah, listen to the show, write us a review on iTunes, and soon we will have movies with proper names again.