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Mary Poppins Returns

On this week’s episode we talk about Mary Poppins Returns along with a number of other Disney films that have been released lately or are scheduled to come out later this year. I know that a lot of people are upset about the number of live action remakes of popular animated films that are being released in the near future, but please keep in mind that it is okay for these movies to be in the world, and that they in no way diminish the source material. Plus, as we briefly discuss, if all goes well, maybe we will get a Great Mouse Detective live action version!



The Best of 2018

This is always a fun episode to record, and usually quite long. It is usually entertaining to see what makes the list, and what criteria we use to get there. Some of us lean more towards the unknown, others toward what makes a great “film”, and we all try and include movies that were just really enjoyable to watch. Sometimes a movie just manages to stick with you, even if you’re on an island with that opinion. That is what’s great about these lists, they always manage to spark an interesting conversation.