Always Be My Maybe & Brightburn

Yeah, that’s right, we are pairing the new Netflix comedy Always Be My Maybe and the ultra-violent Superman knockoff, Brightburn. Do they go together at all? No. Did we find a way to make bridge the difference to make a good pairing? No. But did we at least give it all we had in the hopes that you would enjoy this weird duo?Also no. Kidding, kidding…we always give you 110%.



Aquaman & Bumblebee

These movies could have easily been the nail in the coffin of each their franchises, but against all odds they seemed to have actually revived them. I am just as surprised as anyone. I can give no higher praise to Aquaman than this, my mom watched it by herself and really liked it.


Christmas Classics

I know that it is the day after Christmas, but we just have too much of the holiday spirit in us to give up the ghost just yet. For the last of our Christmas themed episodes, we all tried to watch a “classic” holiday film that we probably should have seen before 2018. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of bah humbuggery or grinchiness there was, since some of these movies are pretty silly. I guess we can chalk it up to all those Christmas miracles that always seem to be happening.



Random Questions

This started out as a bonus episode, but went long enough that we decided to put it into the regular rotation. We asked for random suggestions on Twitter, and had a lot of fun discussing them. From tattoos, to the demise of Filmstruck, to annoying habits in movies, we were all over the map on this one. Special thanks to everyone who gave us these ideas!



Director Spotlight - Michael Bay

In the last of the three shows we recorded at Two Cities Pizza Company, we did a director spotlight for Michael Bay. We briefly go over his body of work, and talk about the good, bad, and sometimes unwatchable films in his filmography. This isn’t an entire episode bashing everything this director has created. In fact the general feelings toward him seems to be all over the spectrum. So sit back, blow something up, and listen to this week’s episode.



Blade Runner 2049 & American Made

I never thought there would be a sequel to the cult film Blade Runner, especially not 35 years after the original one was released. There are lots of opinions out there about the Ridley Scott classic, and almost as many cuts of the film. We spend sometime today briefly talking about the original before shifting to the sequel from Denis Villeneuve, Blade Runner 2049. We also discuss the latest film from Domhnall Gleeson, American Made, costarring Tom Cruise, but we know what the people want, and the people want that cool drink of water, Domhnall. Don't fight with me on this point, I have my finger on the pulse of society. 




It (2017)

The most frustrating thing about the movie It is trying to talk about it without confusing other people. 

"Hey, you want to go see It this weekend?"

"See what?"



"The movie, It! Can't you see the italics?"

"You're an idiot"

"Who's on first?"


That is pretty much how it always felt. So yeah, listen to the show, write us a review on iTunes, and soon we will have movies with proper names again. 




Baby Driver

We were able to attend an advance screening of the new Edgar Wright film, Baby Driver. Normally we don't like to give away too much about what we thought of a movie in the blurb, in case someone accidentally listens to the show, but for this movie, we are making an exception. There are a lot of movies out in the theaters this summer, and this one could easily be missed amidst the never-ending parade of billion dollar franchises and ill-advised reboots. Baby Driver manages to be effortlessly cool and fun in a time when movies seem to be in short supply of both. If you've ever complained about the lack of options at the movies, it is your responsibility to see Baby Driver, so that movies like it can continue to be made. 



Power Rangers

The Power Rangers really seemed to mean a lot to plenty of people out there. Was this movie for them, or was it for a new generation of kids? Did the Power Rangers movie fulfill the promise of having an openly gay superhero? Did it spend more time talking about Krispy Kreme then it does actually showing us the Power Rangers? The answers to these questions and more in this week's episode of Coming Off the Reels.