Aquaman & Bumblebee

These movies could have easily been the nail in the coffin of each their franchises, but against all odds they seemed to have actually revived them. I am just as surprised as anyone. I can give no higher praise to Aquaman than this, my mom watched it by herself and really liked it.


Director Spotlight - Michael Bay

In the last of the three shows we recorded at Two Cities Pizza Company, we did a director spotlight for Michael Bay. We briefly go over his body of work, and talk about the good, bad, and sometimes unwatchable films in his filmography. This isn’t an entire episode bashing everything this director has created. In fact the general feelings toward him seems to be all over the spectrum. So sit back, blow something up, and listen to this week’s episode.



The Mummy & Transformers: The Last Knight

What happens when you decided to tackle not one, but two of the most poorly reviewed movies of the summer blockbuster season? The same thing that always happens; we drink, we review the movies, and we actually like some of what they have to offer. We're here to take the bullet, and let you know which one of these horribly reviewed films is worth watching.